Wednesday 13, 2021

Quatá Confidence Capital advises on the sale of the stem cell bank Cordcell

CryoHoldco is a stem cell bank holding company, being the market leader in Latin America, with presence across Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina, and the 6th largest company in the segment globally. It has nearly 20 years of industry experience with a leading market presence in each of the countries it operates in. CryoHoldco is owned by ACON Investments, a leading US private equity group. The company-offered services include collecting, processing and preserving umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells in liquid nitrogen tanks for future use to potentially treat a wide range of diseases and for use in regenerative medicine.


Cordcell is one of the largest stem cell banks and the pioneer in offering services of collection, preservation and research with stem cells in Brazil. The Company performs the collection, preservation and management of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue. Cordcell was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in São Paulo, with administrative and operational units in Brasília, Recife and Rio de Janeiro.

We will create access to Nordic customer base for Pandion Partners as well as supporting international projects involving Nordic countries and international chemical industry projects. With this experience I believe we will contribute significantly to the further growth of Pandion Partners in Europe.

About Quatá Confidence Capital
Quatá Confidence Capital – a Pandion Partners member – was the exclusive financial advisor to Cordcell.


About Pandion Partners
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