The family fund NGI takes over the activities and management of MACHINES DUBUIT.

Eurallia Finance Paris 

Machines Dubuit is a company founded in 1932, specializing in the manufacture of industrial screen-printing machines, especially on packaging: tubes, flasks, boxes ... It generates around 8 million euros of turnover and employs more than 50 people in the Paris region. Machines Dubuit has recently developed an innovative offering of industrial printing machines on packaging based on inkjet technology. 

Managed by Frédérick Goutard, NGI (Nöel Goutard Investments) is a family-owned investment company that operates an office real estate activity and an industrial investment business. Machines Dubuit fully meets the investment criteria of NGI: a company with a high potential for development, but which needs means to achieve it. 

The transaction closed in September 2018. NGI was accompanied by teams from Eurallia Finance Paris.


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Buyer’s Advisor:
Nicolas Touchard, Arnaud Forestier Eurallia Finance Paris 
Seller’s Advisor: Michel Royer, Adams Royer. 
Buyer’s Lawyer: Hervé de Kervasdoué, BG2V 
Seller’s Lawyer : Philippe Torre, RMT.  


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