Obtaining the financial investor for Flavourtec

With the transaction Flavourtec obtains funds for further development

Private equity fund Tar Heel Capital has acquired 50% stake in Flavourtec, one of the leading European manufacturers of liquids for e-cigarettes. During the last five years, Flavourtec developed rapidly with yearly revenue now exceeding EUR 5 M. In 2015 Flavourtec launched a new production facility in Gdansk, with an area of over 1200 m2, which can easily be adapted to double company’s production capacity. This deal should allow Flavourtec to continue its growth and strengthen its market position by using the fund’s potential and support.

Navigator Capital, member of Pandion Partners, advised to the sellers.

About Flavourtec Sp. z o.o.
Flavourtec is a Poland-based producer of e-liquids for e-cigarettes.

Tar Heel Capital
Tar Heel Capital has been managing capital market investments for over 20 years. The Company invested over PLN 2 billion in the companies.

About Pandion Partners
The Pandion Partners Advisory Group, founded in 2000, consists of 14 different and independent companies dedicated to M&A, Corporate Finance and Strategy & Business Advisory Services. The growing group offers these services globally through its offices in Spain, Germany, Belgium, China, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Canada, USA and India. Due to the group members we are able to cover more than 15 different industry sectors.

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