Pandion Partners

Our History

The start of Pandion (1970 – 2000):

In the early 1970s our founder Alessandro Faina asked himself if the entrepreneurs of mid-sized companies were receiving the right attention and sound advice they required. Working as a banker, he believed that bank independent advice was lacking. So he founded his own advisory, and over time shared his vision with Jim Baker and their friends in the M&A business all over the world.

As a group of friends, they created an international organization of advisors offering cross-border M&A advice to mid-market companies. This group finally became PANDION PARTNERS in the year 2000.

The trust & confidence clients placed in them required the kind of friendship and trust they have with their partners around the globe.

2015: A new era began

During the annual meeting held in Bilbao, Spain in 2015, the members of Pandion decided that it was time to prepare the group for the next step in their successful development.

A new strategy was developed and as part of this, a legal entity was founded: “Pandion Partners SL” (PPSL), with the headquarters currently in Barcelona: PPSL has the responsibility of supporting the Pandion network and helping them execute the new strategy and growth targets.

Pandion Partners is the finest global M&A strategy advisory focused on international transactions. Building on our global organization of experienced and specialized M&A advisors, we guide our clients towards their winning M&A strategy. Our tailor-made approach will maximize your benefits in the complex and multicultural international M&A process. We help you successfully close transactions all over the world.