I‘m experienced in the following Industry Sectors:

  • Chemicals & Materials
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Plastics & Packaging
  • Services
  • Transportation


I received a master’s degree in Engineering at the Technical University Prague and an MBA at Sheffield Hallam University. During my professional career I have held numerous managerial positions in different industries including construction, IT, prepress, advertising flexible packaging, aluminum rolling, sheet-metal production, beverage filling equipment production, municipal heating, cooling system production and public transport. In this time I have learnt that there are common patterns within all organizations and in the behaviour of managers. My objective is to share this experience with others.

I am one of the founding partners of NEWTON Business Development. I have received a Master degree in Engineering on the Technical University Prague and a MBA at the Sheffield Hallam University. During my professional career I went through many different managerial positions in different industries going from Construction, over IT, Prepress, Advertising, Flexible packaging, Aluminum Rolling, Sheet-metal production, Beverage filling equipment production, Municipal heating, Production of cooling systems, Public transport, shifting more and more from a managerial role to advisory. I always tried to gain an understanding of each specific industry environment I was working in. This became easier over time using experience

I collected within the others industries. My advisory activities spread later over several other areas such as the Chemical industry, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Public Affairs or even Ornamental fish distribution.

Over the years I realized that there are some common patterns within all organizations and behavior of managers. I tried to share this experience with others. This resulted in becoming a teacher of Strategic management at NEWTON College and occasionally at other Universities.

My hobby is watching how fast the World is changing. I try to understand how all Human systems, we have brought in place over the last generations, will face these changes.

Besides native Czech and German I communicate in English and if necessary also in Russian.