I‘m experienced in the following Industry Sectors:

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I have 8 years of professional experience gained during the implementation of M&A projects and company valuation, investment project analyses, investor acquisition, intellectual property commercialization, technology transfer processes and litigation. I have advised clients from retail, HVAC, FMCG, hotel, automotive, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and industrial sectors. Previously, I worked for i.a. Ministry of Treasury of Poland in the Department of Supervision and Restructuring. Currently, I’m a part of Navigator Capital’s team, leading M&A and investment boutique based in Warsaw, Poland, where I act as a manager in M&A and Corporate Finance team. I also conduct training series for entrepreneurs on M&A and business valuation.

I graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in Finance and Accounting, specialising in corporate finance and received a bachelor's degree at the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems.